About me

I’m Amy, a British Southerner born and raised in sunny Suffolk. I now live with my beautifully annoying fiance Mark with our two cats, Marlon and Figaro in not-so-sunny Manchester. I spent my university days in Derby and somehow made my way even further north where the sun does not shine nearly as much as I’d like.


I have a passion for travel, the mountains, beautiful scenery and nature in general. I sing, play guitar and have a degree in Creative Dance. I love the snow, the beach, cats, pizza, and country music. I am a deep thinker. I want to see more of the world. I am obsessed with the USA.


By day I am self-employed, working in the digital industry for non-profits. By night I moonlight as a singer, guitarist, chef, blogger and wife (and mother of 2 cats!)

I hope you find inspiration here and strive to live life outdoors as much as possible.