Why I chose the Osprey Porter backpack

In the lead up to my big USA trip in the summer I spent hours, literally hours, of my life deliberating over which backpack to take with me…

I couldn’t decide if I wanted small and compact or large and spacious.

Small and compact meant I would likely use it more often following the trip for shorter trips, and it would also mean it was carry-on size which was a BIG plus.

However, large and spacious meant plenty of room to pack options and buy pretty things to bring home!

I knew it was going to be an Osprey bag as soon as I’d booked my trip. The brand oozes quality. I always rely on a single product brand as you can be confident knowing all their efforts go entirely into producing top of the range for that product. It’s like glasses, I never buy glasses frames from a brand whose original product was something other than glasses, as that wouldn’t have been their speciality. Whereas a brand such as Oliver People’s, whose sole existence is to create beautiful and perfect quality frames, you know you’re going to get the best of the best.

So after a lot of blog-reading (much like this one!) and roaming comparison sites, (mainly comparing the Porter for the Farpoint) I opted to go invest in the Porter.


The Osprey ‘Porter’

When I say invest, I don’t mean a large price-tag…for the 46 litre Porter it sets you back a reasonable £100 (if you hunt around you can often get it for even cheaper).

I was away for 5 weeks in total and the Porter was perfect for this length trip. I was able to pack plenty of clothes as well as 3 pairs of shoes – including hiking shoes! As well as a microfibre towel and all my toiletries. It has useful, smaller compartments to store little items so they don’t get lost in one big cavity, including an internal, protective laptop sleeve. I’m pretty little too (the clue’s in the name!) at a wee 5 ft 3, so anything much bigger than a 46 litre would have drowned me, so this was ideal…I didn’t want to feel how Reese Witherspoon looked in Wild…overloaded!


What I didn’t want to look like!

The top three pro’s for me, and reasons why I’d recommend, are:

  1. The way it opens out like a suitcase so I didn’t have to drag everything out to reach something I’d packed at the bottom
  2. It was carry-on size. I didn’t need to check it in as cabin baggage so it meant for a swift exit on arrival. No waiting around at luggage elevators for me!
  3. The chest and hip straps that give extra support which make so much difference when lugging it around for a few hours

It also has a should handle and strap should you want to carry it more like a holdall (although I didn’t use this feature).

So I was super impressed all in all, and I’m glad I spent the time reading reviews. I’ve used it over a dozen times since as well. It beats a mini suitcase for weekends away as you can be completely hands-free which is really handy whilst at airports and on trains etc. I 100% recommend.

It probably goes without saying, (but I’m going to say it anyway :)) that what it probably isn’t so suited for is a full-blown, nomadic-style, backpacking trip where you need to carry camping equipment etc. It’s more suited for short/long trips alike, but where you would be staying in equipped accommodation.

Now I just need to plan another big trip!


Me with my Porter!




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