That Sunday night feeling…

I always find I’m conflicted by Sundays. They are one of my favourite days of the week for leisurely meandering, catching up with friends or doing some shopping or ‘life admin’ (as Mark calls it). Yet with them it brings that slow-approaching sense of disappointment that the weekend is soon to be over and I begin wishing the week away all over again.

Sunday’s also always bring reflection…(uh oh)

I’m currently sitting in my P.J’s, with a full tummy of roast chicken and veg, wondering how I can bring a better sense of fulfillment to my everyday life.


I dream of travelling for a living, of being outdoors and having adventures all of the time, and yet I do wonder whether if this was my life, would I appreciate or feel that same sense of passion towards those things if it were ‘everyday life’? A question I don’t think I’ll ever really know the answer to, but I’m sure that sometimes, the dreams and visions we imagine can maybe be better than the real thing…(or I’m at least telling myself this to help me feel better about it not being so!).

I used to say when I was younger that I would never work in an office. Yet here I am, working 37.5 hours a week (occasionally more) in an office. Albeit a very lovely, bright, creative and flexible one, but still, an office. At a desk. Staring at a computer all day. In a city.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I am the very epitome of a conflicted character…

I want to travel and live abroad…yet I am a home-girl and don’t want to be away from family.

I want to be in the countryside…yet I love the convenience of city life.

I want to spend money on adventures…but I love clothes and beautiful things for my home.

However above all this, I remind myself that I am soo fortunate to have my job, my home and the relative financial ability for weekends & holidays away here and there. I have already done and seen more in this life than some ever will. There is so much to be thankful for in this life and it can become all too easy to want for more more more unless we keep ourselves in check and remain humble.

…There can’t be harm in dreaming though right? 🙂



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