I do believe, it’s time for another adventure…

I’ve got itchy feet. These legs weren’t made for sitting still!


There is nothing quite like the thrill of the promise of a new adventure, however small or far-flung it may be. I just LOVE to see new things. I spend my days mentally planning the next weekend away I can book, or the next hike we can explore. I am yearning for the country and nature. That feeling when you’ve booked flights and the date is set… * heart soars *

Whilst the city is great for convenience, diversity and shopping (!) it just does not hit that spot quite like breathing in fresh country air and taking in a brand new view.

I will never forget the first time we entered Yosemite Valley in California. It blew me away like a sudden gust of wind. I was speechless and to this day no words can describe the beauty and awe I felt towards what I saw there.

No photo could ever do it justice. dscf0072


Tunnel View, Yosemite National Park

So, I do believe, it’s time for another adventure…where to next?!

2 thoughts on “I do believe, it’s time for another adventure…

    • This Little Blonde says:

      Iceland is on my (ever growing) list! I’ll look forward to reading your adventures there. Next for me is Chamonix in France (snowboarding) and then a swift visit to Madrid. Planning our honeymoon at the moment too…too many choices! If I had my way I would be hitting the south states to get my USA hit, but the boy has a heart for Asia, so who knows where we’ll end up going!


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