This Little Blonde…my first post!

So, you know when you’re like ‘THAT right there would be my actual for real dream job’ or ‘I really wish I was one of those people doing that thing’. Well this is me getting off my butt (or not, as it happens) and acting on those wishes in an attempt at taking a teeny weeny step towards a new venture in life.

I follow so many lifestyle/travel bloggers on Instagram, and spend too much time wishing I too could be paid to travel, try new products for free, work from home or better; on a mountain. Now rest assured, I have no illusions that all of a sudden now that I have This Little Blonde I am going to an overnight blogging superstar. But at least with an actual real-life blog I have an imminently increased, sliver of a chance of that happening!

For me, this is a opportunity to get down my thoughts and experiences as I navigate through the complex phenomenon that is life. If I can inspire and advise people along the way, great! But even if all this ends up is an avenue for me to reflect back on in future years, then I’m seeing that as a win.

I’m going to fill these pages with things I love

Things I love to see, things I love to eat, things I love to do, things I love to talk about.

I’m also going to fill these pages with the real me. It is so easy in life to float through trying to keep up with the Bouquets (if you’re under the age of 20 or are not from the UK you might not get this reference!) which gets sooo tiring. I get tired of being the person that I think people want me to be.

I am going to be me…complex, deep, thoughtful, curious me.

Signing out.


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